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      LuzCom INC.

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  Nidec-Read acquires a majority stake in LuzCom

  Nidec-Read Corporation has acquired stocks of LuzCom Inc. and LuzCom Inc. has also become a

consolidated subsidiary of Nidec-Read Corporation.

LuzCom continues business as in the past and will develops, designs and manufacture products for

precious customers as usual, as a member of Nidec-Read group.
Outline of Nidec-Read

    Company name :    

Nidec-Read Corporation (http://www.nidec-read.com/en-Global/)
    President & COO :
Michio Kaida
    Location :   
10 Tsutsumisoto-cho, Nishikyogoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 615-0854, Japan
    Established :  
November 25, 1991
    Business :
1. Semiconductor Package Inspection Systems
2. Printed Circuit Board Inspection Systems
3. Inspection Fixtures
4. Automatic Optical Inspection
5. Flat Panel Display Inspection Systems
6. Automatic Measurement Equipments,Specification Application Machines
development/design, manufacturing and sales of software/hardware
relating to the products above
    Employees :
318 (December 31, 1998, consolidated)
    Net Sales :
8,992 million yen (March 31, 2008, consolidated)
    Offices in Japan :
Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto
    Offices abroad :
Taiwan, South Korea, China
    Stock :
Listing on the Osaka Stock Exchange 2nd Sec.