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Super Micro tube
Micro tube with gInner diameter : 10mh, gOuter diameter : 20mh
and gWall thickness : 5mh
Produced by electroforming, Micro Tube with the wall thickness 5m
of nickel is available at your options. And uniform Au plating can be
taken inside Micro Tube.

Super elastic ring
The rings are produced by cutting Micro Tube at the length of
0.1 mm or so.

These rings have super elastic characteristics keeping

counter-force energy inside..

Precise nozzle
Inner diameter at tip : 0.01 mm or less
Wall thickness : 0.005 mm or less
Au plating : At your optionu plating : At your option

Tapered Pipe
Micro Tube is tapered by machining work at the tip.
The dimensions of the brackets are at your
Application : Medial, biotechnology, MEMS

Tapered Needle
The diameter of the tip : 83nm
Material : Tungsten
Application : Medial, biotechnology, MEMS

Coaxial wire

Coaxial wire

Special product

LuzCom is always challenging the development of materials with new functions which are requested
by further fine processing, based on the electroforming technology.